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Are you a qualified teacher with the desire to make a difference to a child’s future? Are you looking for flexible work that fits around your other work commitments and lifestyle?

At Breakthrough Tutors, we believe that private tuition is the missing link in Education. Education is the promise of a better life, a future of opportunities. However; every day, many children struggle to find their talents, fail to develop their strengths and far too often, grow up feeling like they have failed in life before their lives have even begun! Instead of schools and classrooms being places of hope, they can so easily become places of despair and anxiety.

Tuition is a powerful educational tool that is capable of unlocking unrealised potential. Through tailored activities and bespoke curriculums, children are given the opportunity to stand out and feel successful in meaningful ways.

A Lack Of Additional Support

Many parents recognise that their child is in need of additional support, but securing that support can be a lengthy, tiring, and frustrating process.

The hoops they have to jump through is at the expense of the child’s happiness and future prospects which can leave parents feeling hopeless.

Teachers are limited in the support they can provide for children with poor attainment in schools, as resources are often already very stretched.

Spark An Enthusiasm For Learning

As a Breakthrough Tutor, you will reignite the flame that has faded through years of having a poor perception of oneself and restore lost confidence; working closely with families and schools to bring out the very best in every child.

You will renew hope and equip children with the tools to overcome barriers to their learning, honing-in on their unique strengths and abilities.

We believe that learning should be an EXCITING and HAPPY experience and the nurturing nature of our tutors enables us to deliver just that.

If you are a teacher looking to give more to young people than the educational system currently allows, we would love to hear from you.

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