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English Tuition

English is the most common of all the spoken languages and is a subject taught in educational settings around the world.

Although English is a subject in its own right, having a solid understanding of the English language will improve attainment in all subjects and lay the foundations for a successful future.

All children will naturally learn and progress at different rates, but sometimes there is a specific reason why a child may be falling behind in school. Learning disabilities, dyslexia, anxiety, and other hidden disabilities are just some of the factors that may be coming into play.

A child whose first spoken language is not English is also likely to be a child in need of additional support.

Our Team Of Experienced Tutors

At Breakthrough Tutors, we believe that every child who needs additional support, should have access to additional support.

We have tutors working both locally and nationwide who can support learners at any level from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 5.

Our tutors have a wealth of experience both in and outside an educational setting and very importantly, the care, patience, and ability to adapt their style of teaching to blend with the child’s style of learning.

Tailored English Tuition

We believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience and so every child’s learning journey with us begins with enjoyment.

By learning about the child and their hobbies and interests, we can build their learning around the things that they enjoy. This approach makes the child feel at ease with their tutor and can help to restore self-confidence.

A happy child will be more receptive to learning and our aim is to enable every child to realise their unique strengths and reach their full potential.

If your child is finding learning in a classroom environment difficult and would benefit from some private English tuition with a qualified teaching professional, reach out to us and secure the support your child deserves.