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Online Tuition

Online Tuition has had a bad rap this year! With Covid-19 striking seemingly out of nowhere; teachers all over the world had to quickly adjust to the online learning lifestyle and suddenly deliver stimulating, engaging and interactive lesson overnight in a brand new way! Needless to say this lead to a lot of very varied results and there was a steep learning curve to climb.

It was never really an option for teachers to deliver bad, boring meetings online – learning HAD to happen!

Interactive, Engaing & Enjoyable

We are really PROUD of the strategies we use online for developing MASSIVE progress and achievement for our young learners. We have always believed that for learning to be effective it should always be enjoyable and enriching.

Needless to say Covid-19 presented a challenge. But thanks to the work of our excellent team, we are really proud of the methods that we use; online sessions are always highly interactive, engaging and enjoyable. We believe this is a MUST no matter where the learning happens if it is to be effective.

Technical Issues

Unavoidable technical issues CAN crop up from time to time…! Imagine, you’re in the middle of a GREAT lesson, learning well and then your internet connection drop’s out or maybe a battery runs flat, the computer starts running slow, or you or your young one has trouble working the controls. Clearly this can cause stress and upset and has the potential to ruin an otherwise GREAT lesson!

We NEVER want our clients and families to stress and panic, it’s very important to us that sessions are always happy and productive. This is why we guide you every step of the way in getting setup so you are never alone with it, and if you experience technical troubles that need to be worked through, our tutors will always do their best to roll any lost time over at the end of the session, to see that 60 minutes of learning REALLY IS 60 minutes of learning! : ) We are the only company to provide this GUARANTEE!